Analysis of the world’s oldest mummies secrets of the indigenous Indian tribes – news ZIK.UA

Аналіз найстарішої у світі мумії розкриває таємниці корінних індіанських племен – новини ZIK.UA

A large-scale study of ancient remains has revealed the first people who colonized America.

Scientists have tracked the genomes of 15 of the ancient Americans of North and South America, six of whom more than 10,000 years, – informs edition the Independent.

Among the studied specimens were the remains from a Brazilian site called Lagoa Santa, the oldest remains found in Patagonia, the oldest natural mummy in the world – from Spirit Cave in Nevada, USA.

Thanks to them, the researchers were able to demonstrate the “astonishing” speed with which people colonized the region starting from Alaska and ending in Chile, after they left their ancestors in East Asia.

After analyzing DNA, the researchers were able to conclusively prove that the mummy from Spirit Cave was associated with the native Americans, whose ancestors today inhabit Nevada.

The study was published in the journal Science.

The English translation of Oksana Vergeles, IA ZIK

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