American scientists have created the fungi that produce electricity

American biologist Sudip Joshi from Institute of Technology of Stevens and his colleagues created from normal mushrooms first bionic body capable of conducting electricity and consists of different living beings and structures.

Reported by the journal Nano Letters.

It is noted that scientists have long tried to adapt electric bacteria for energy. Make it easy: such microbes have a strong sensitivity to adverse conditions of life and die quickly.

But biologists have found a solution to this problem — the perfect place for their habitat was the thickness of the mushrooms. Thus, Joshi and his colleagues Packed cyanobacteria of the genus Anabaena in special nanoparticles and resettle them on the surface of the artificial mushrooms.

They were positioned so that they were close with the threads of the graphene, which was inserted inside the mushroom. If the mushroom was shining in the sun or bulb, it produces the desired amount of electricity, namely 65 microamps.

For microbes such habitat was not quite familiar, and they still died, but not immediately, but after three days. But the number of cyanobacteria inserted inside, remained stable during the whole experiment.

It is noted that this approach can be combined mushrooms with different microbes: some of them will be able to Shine and others to produce fuel.

Earlier in the Rivne region, a man ate mushrooms and was in intensive care.

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