American psychic helped to find the remains of missing in 1961 men

Американский экстрасенс помог найти останки пропавшего в 1961 году мужчины

In 1961, almost 60 years ago, George Carroll disappeared from his home on long island, Suffolk County, new York, no one learned what happened to George. Recently, however, with the help of a psychic they could find at least his remains.

About this amazing story reported by the New York Post.

Michael Carroll is now 57 years old. When his father disappeared, he was only 8 months. He also has two older sisters and a brother. They then often ask for her mother Dorothy about what happened to their dad, but received no response. “She always said to us “don’t ask about it” and in the end I stopped asking,” says Michael. The children thought that their mother was holding something back from them. Something bad happened to their father and mother knew about it but didn’t want to frighten the children. So they just quietly among themselves discussed the possible versions of what happened to their dad.

In 1998, shortly before his death Dorothy, the house became the property to Michael. One of the children’s versions was so that their father was killed (the mother or someone else) and buried in the basement of his house. This version for many years did not give Michael peace, and two years ago he began to explore the basement, to clarify once and for all. “I had a strange feeling, something inside me felt that this could be true.” Michael enlisted the support of several parapsychologists and psychics wanted they checked the basement and said if there’s something. And then he started to remove the concrete coating from the floor. Two months ago, it battled a stroke and while he was treated, all the work in the basement has slowed down, and then moved on to the shoulders of two sons of Michael. And then in the basement came one of the psychics, and, after wandering around the room, stopped at one point and said that he feels there “kind of energy”. This place was at the far end of the floor has not yet been affected, but sons Michael decided to leave work and started to dig in the psychic place. When they told father, Michael joined them with a shovel.

It happened the day before Halloween and this too had its part of the mystique that permeated the whole story. When Michael and his sons dug a pit depth of 3 feet (90 cm), they came across the bones of the skeleton. “They were twisted into a knot of some sort and looked strange. All bones were covered with dirt…” says Michael.

Shocked to find virtually no doubt that they found the remains of a missing George Carroll, Michael and his family spent the night deliberating about what they should do. And the next day October 31 – Halloween they called the house the police. When the police arrived and saw the bones, they immediately said that this is indeed a human skeleton, not the skeleton of a dog or other animal. While the remains are on the study in the police and know nothing about what killed him or was it an accident, but Michael is confident that they finally found his father. “That’s my dad. And it will be a great relief to finally “break free” from this place, which he never had to be,” says Michael.

Also Michael says that perhaps he should talk with the older sisters, as he is sure that they know about this thing is bigger than he is. But while he can’t even contact them. Michael’s older brother – 61-year-old Stephen Carroll, meanwhile, is just glad that his children finally learn that their grandfather was. If the police determine that the remains indeed belong to the missing George Carroll, the family wants to bury him in the cemetery Korean war veterans in Riverhead. The article, unfortunately, says nothing about the psychic who helped Michael find the remains. Not specified neither his name nor details of his activities.

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