Alternative heating in the Ukrainian high-rise buildings almost never pay off – expert

Альтернативные виды отопления в украинских многоэтажках почти не окупаются – эксперт

If the Ukrainian urban high-rise buildings to install alternative to centralized heating, it is either will have a long payback period, or do not pay off during the life of the residents.

Comments about this ГолосUA, said Director of the Institute of Alexander Sergienko.

He said that we are talking about the cost of purchasing such equipment and to maintain it: you need to hire a specialist or group of specialists to ensure their work equipment, to pay salaries.

“From the point of view of economic benefits, better Central heating. All the other alternative, they are much more expensive. For example, the heat pump (at a price of 160 thousand UAH – ed.) can afford to put only the rich people, because you still need to pay for the service. And he doesn’t pay. But this allows to be independent from the Central heating,” – said A. Sergienko.

Director of the Institute also added that even though the price of Central heating because of the increase in gas price from November 2018 is also increased, it still comes out cheaper.

“In Kiev, about 2700 km in the form of heat pipes, and consumers in the apartments is not less than a million, plus schools, kindergartens. Therefore, it is very cost-effective: the cost of maintaining such a system pay for itself,” – said the expert.

Earlier it was reported that recently, the government approved the Order of determination of technical possibility of installation of nodes distribution of the count of thermal energy and economic feasibility of installing the devices — distributors of thermal energy. The document provides an opportunity for tenants of old houses with vertical system wiring heating install in their apartments individual heat metering devices, as well as to regulate the flow of coolant into the apartment. This will not only clearly define how much you consume heat, but also less to pay for it.

In particular, now the owners of apartments in old houses can install the manifold and heat controls. The heat distributor is an electronic device that attaches on the outside of the radiator battery, fixes the temperature of its surface at the mounting location and the temperature of the air in the room. On the basis of the difference in the testimony, taking into account the heat transfer coefficient of the battery, a calculated amount obtained by the building, the specific room heat. The data are in kWh and Gcal. The difference of the heat spreader from the individual (apartment) heat meter that the meter calculates the volume of hot water held in the heating pipe in the apartment, and the difference of the temperature of the coolant at the entrance and at the exit of the apartment.

It is also necessary to set the thermostats on each battery, where is the dispenser. The regulator will influence the amount of heat, i.e. to decrease or increase the flow of the coolant in the battery.

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