All the vegetables in Ukraine until the end of the year will rise to 20% – expert

Все овощи в Украине до конца года подорожают до 20% - эксперт

October – time to start storing vegetables, the prices for them start to grow at least by 10-15%.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the President of the Association of farmers and private landowners of Ukraine Ivan Tomic.

According to expert forecasts at the prices for vegetables in autumn and winter, the whole vegetable basket will go up.

“This includes a large list of vegetables. The greatest rise in price of borsch set can we expect at the end of October. The growth of prices is possible in the range of 15% or more. Gradually vegetables will go up until the New year, and winter and spring,” predicts Ivan Tomic.

According to experts, the vegetables will be much more expensive – 15-20% at least. “From the field vegetables are the cheapest – these vegetables are only in August and September. October is the beginning of the storage of vegetables, first frost, and vegetable prices begin to rise at least 10-15% immediately. If there are exchange rate fluctuations, the increase in the prices of vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers will be big enough. The fruit will remain cheap until the end of the year,” concluded Ivan Tomic.

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