Again heels: Putin ridiculed for growth – news ZIK.UA

Russian President Vladimir Putin was suspected of fraud rise during a meeting in Istanbul.

On the picture of the talks, Putin looks suspiciously low, says political analyst Alexei holomuzki in Facebook.

Знову на підборах: Путіна висміяли через зріст – новини ZIK.UA

He believes that the Russian President was sent to make a working visit to his counterpart.

“Again have fallen short of double – Merkel same height is 165 cm (Putin height – 170 sm –, heels she never wears, and this version of Putin though and looks stretched on a frame, but still the same height! And despite the fact that without a standard set of high heels, props, judging by the legs, not happened,” he said.

Golobutsky also suggested that this double Putin has “light” earlier in Khanty-Mansiysk.

In Istanbul ended with a summit of leaders of Russia, Turkey, Germany and France concerning the settlement of the situation in Syria. The parties stressed the importance of extending the ceasefire, and the establishment of the Commission, which will develop a new Constitution of the Arab country.

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