After the hurricane in the US, the rescuers freed abandoned dogs (VIDEO)

После урагана в США спасатели освободили брошенных собак (ВИДЕО)

In the U.S. state of North Carolina during a flood after a powerful hurricane Florence, rescued six dogs that were abandoned by their owner to his death.

About it report “Facts and comments”.

Rescuers-volunteers Ryan Nichols and David Rebollar helped evacuate people from flooded homes when he heard a plaintive howling. Men joined them, and the journalist Marcus Dipaola rushed to help. In the backyard of one of the houses they saw dogs.

According to Metro, by the time help arrived, locked in cages, the animals were almost completely under water. “Within the hour they would be dead,” said Nichols. The men opened the cage and released happily met their animals. Touching video of the rescue went viral.

Neighbors say that the family of the owner of the dog panicked and left, forgetting about their Pets.

Meanwhile, the number of victims of hurricane Florence had already reached 32 people. Among them three children.

Also, recall that earlier in the river passersby found the dog, which is unknown tied legs and mouth with duct tape and then left to die.

“No words: tied with duct tape, a puppy or drink, or could not eat, very sick. Was taken to the hospital, where he is doing the drip, the doctor said that the animal will live. Get well soon, and we have nowhere to take him and the other two too. Very beautiful and tender. Will do vaccinations and will bring you home, wherever you say. Call or write (093) 258-85-54”,- is told in the message of the animal shelter “the Way home”.

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