After increasing the number of members, the CEC changed to manual on Bank – analyst

После увеличения количества членов, ЦИК полностью превратился в ручной орган Банковой – политолог

After September 18, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill on the extension of the members of the CEC, the authority became fully controlled by the President.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the head of the Institute for public policy and consultancy “INPOLITE” Sergey Bykov.

“I am critical of the possibility to appeal the dismissal of 13 members of the Central election Commission. Because they will remain in their posts anyway, until then, until you have assigned new members of the election Commission,” – said the analyst.

Also. S. Bykov noted that this voting procedure has not occurred without manipulation.

“The CEC is almost a manual on Bankova. Today the Commission has 6 candidates from the “BPP”. Plus, you can add Oleg Didenko from the party “Udar”, retained his post, as well as two people from other groups loyal to “BPP”. Also, from the “popular front” two candidates out of three loyal Bank and one member from the “Opposition bloc”, – said the expert.

Thus, according to S. Bykov, the CEC has developed a qualified majority in favor of the Bank, which is able to make decisions beneficial to the party President.

“As for the decision to increase the number of members of the CEC, it is generated by the fact that “PPB” and “popular front” are unable with each other to negotiate. “BPP was another concept, according to which the Commission got 6 people from the party of the President and 3 people from the “popular front”. But with only one representative “NF” is not a creature Bank”, – explained the analyst.

Moreover, he added that “BPP” offered “NF” to drop three candidates in order to expand the CEC. But “NF” refused such offers. As a result, “BPP” refused one of his candidacy, and then took the decision on the extension of the CEC.

As for the requirement of the administration that the Opposition bloc was given two seats in the Commission, it is absolutely true. But with high probability it can be argued that “the opposition bloc” will receive one seat, with the condition that this candidate will be loyal Bankova quota Boyko-Levochkin. After all, if you look at the politics of the channels, within the orbit smartly, there is no criticism of the President. And some news are even more Pro-government than the news on TV “Straight” – summed up S. Bykov.

We will remind that on September 20 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the resolution on dismissal from office of members of the Central election Commission (No. 4789-d).
The resolution provides in connection with the termination of the authority to dismiss members of the Central election Commission Tamara Astakhov, Yuri Danilevsky, Igor Zhidenko, Tatiana Lucas, Andrei Magheru, Alexander Osadchuk, Michael ohendovsky, Bronislav Raikovski, Zhanna Usenko-Chernaya, Alexander chupahin, Yulia Shvets, Alexander Shelestova and Valery Sheludko.
The decree comes into force from the date of its adoption.

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