Advocacy about the dangers of mushrooms among the population we have not conducted a sanitarian

Разъяснительной работы об опасности грибов среди населения у нас не ведется – санитарный врач

People entering the forest must provide for themselves the potential risk and to understand which mushrooms are poisonous and which are edible.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the head of the State sanitary and epidemiological service of Ukraine in 2014-2016 Sviatoslav Protas.

Now Ukrainians are massively poisoned mushrooms, because no one spends with people outreach, said the epidemiologist.

“I’m not an expert in mushrooms, but warn that people must be clear about the potential danger, have a certain wariness, entering the forest, he needs to understand what mushrooms are poisonous and which are poisonous”, – said S. Protas.

According to health officer, poisoning with mushrooms – the problem is quite significant. Indeed, today’s summer season is very rich in mushrooms. In the villages people like to boast that pick at once for 40-50 Chigrinov. However, this joy quickly ends when we get to the hospital after the poisoning.

“One of these preventive elements as not to get sick, it is completely sanitary-explanatory work. She has always actively carried out the sanitary-epidemiological services until they are abolished, and local authorities. However, the coordination role is always assumed by the sanitary-epidemiological service, because this is doctors, physicians, who are responsible for preventive medicine. They coordinated the authorities, so they handed a memo. They conducted with people advocacy, hung everywhere these reminders,” explained Sergei Protas.

He added that the work of the sanitary-epidemiological services aimed at prevention, prevention of poisoning. When a service has worked for more than 26 thousand employees, of course, they can cover all the settlements to ensure there are appropriate some work. Today, many of these employees retired, others lost faith, and the power of today do not give any promises for a preventive work among the population. If you were previously a strict chain as soon as summer begins, reported daily how many instructions were given, how many lectures I read. And if such death occurred, at the highest level was so serious showdown that people have been fired from work.

“I was not a supporter of such punitive measures, but a certain effectiveness they had. Including our employees was fired for what the person was poisoned because it was their fault, fault of power. This rigidity has an effect. Was observed a clear relationship between awareness and the tragic consequences. The more you speak with people, the less they hurt. The less you talk, the more people get sick. Today it is all destroyed. If there is an emergency service that tries inertia to do it systematically a preventive work no, because there is no coordinator, no sanitary doctor, physician, prevention, who would assume the organization and coordination”, – concluded the medical doctor.


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