Actors of one role: Harry Potter, Stifler’s mom and others

Actors of one role: Harry Potter, Stifler's mom and others
Actors of one role: Harry Potter, Stifler’s mom and others
It would seem, to play in a megapolar film – a huge success for any actor. But with some of the star projects played a cruel joke: we have watched more than once, as an actor or actress forever stuck in the image of his most famous hero. There are many such examples, let’s talk only about some. Of course, the celebrities, of course, did not act in one single project, but in the minds of millions of spectators they remained “actors of one role”.

Macaulay Culkin (“One at home”)

In the early 90’s the world had no child more popular than Macaulay Culkin: the role of Kevin McCallister in the comedy blockbuster “Alone at home” instantly made the boy a superstar. Nomination for the Golden Globe, the title of “Child of the Year”, incredible fees – all this was attached to the glory. It lasted not very long, already in 1994, four years after the breakthrough, 13-year-old Kalkin played the last of his children’s roles – in the comedy “The Rich Richie.” By that time, the parents of the young actor had a relationship crisis that ended in divorce (Macaulay’s mother accused his father of ruining his son’s career by demanding more money from the producers for the filming day of the child).

Images from the movie “Alone at home”

Most of Kalkin’s roles were similar to his most famous role, and new works instead of prestigious film awards were marked with “Golden Raspberry”.

The result was a prolonged lull in the career: approximately from the middle of the 90’s nothing was heard about Kalkin, and if news of him appeared, it was usually due to the fact that the actor had a spooky appearance (he was allegedly addicted to alcohol and drugs). The press also wrote about the parting of Kalkin with Mila Kunis, who after the break became much more popular than her ex-boyfriend, and that the musical group of Macaulay was being booed during concerts.

Last year, Calkin finally ceased to look frightening and began to appear in public with his beloved Brenda Song. Now the 37-year-old actor is busy shooting his own show Bunny Ears, but whether we see it again in Hollywood blockbusters is a big question.

According to him, he never revises his children’s films, and in the Christmas season, when they repeat “One at home” on American TV screens, he tries not to go out on the street at all:

This is the Macaulay season, at this time I try to leave the house as little as possible,

– he admits.

The actor, who is now 28 years old, became famous 17 years ago when he first appeared on the screen in the image of Harry Potter. By the time he had only a couple of roles on his account, but after the premiere of the first film about the wizard boy, the glory literally fell upon Daniel Radcliffe. And he experienced on herself and her side effects: the actor had to leave the school, because classmates began to treat the newly appeared movie star hostile. If the first tape of Harry Potter actor was paid 150 thousand pounds sterling, then in the future, his fees began to number in the millions. In 2009, Radcliffe was named the most highly paid film actor of the decade.

Images from Harry Potter films

But it’s impossible to get out of Daniel’s favorite image. Even when the actor played in a theatrical play based on Peter Schaeffer’s play Equus (“The Horse”), where he appeared on the stage naked, the audience only rebelled that “Harry Potter was naked,” some parents even protested against the play, threatening to forbid their children to watch Radcliffe films .

They did not help the actor to change the role of the horns, which he wore in the tape of the same name, nor frivolous comedies (“Friendship and no sex”), nor mystical thrillers (“Woman in Black”). For spectators, he still remains Harry Potter. I’m sorry Daniel seems to be forever.

To play in “Harry Potter” is how to get into the mafia group. If you are there, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to leave,

– confirms Radcliffe.

Of the entire cast of the teenage comedy “American Pie” in general, few have built a high-profile career, and the names of many actors are still associated with this film. But among the most stuck in their screen image – Jennifer Coolidge, played the mother of the hero, Sean William Scott.

Suffice it to say that very few people know the name of the actress, but in whatever film she starred, the audience calls her “Stifler’s mom.” Directors also see in 56-year-old Jennifer only a cheeky blonde, a hunter for young men.
Of the entire cast of the teenage comedy “American Pie” in general, few have built a high-profile career, and the names of many actors are still associated with this film. But among the most stuck in their screen image – Jennifer Coolidge, played the mother of the hero, Sean William Scott. Suffice it to say that very few people know the name of the actress, but in whatever film she starred, the audience calls her “Stifler’s mom.” Directors also see in 56-year-old Jennifer only a cheeky blonde, a hunter for young men.

90 percent of the proposals are the roles of women who have done many plastic surgeries and married rich men,

– says the actress, mentioning that she would like quite another:

One of my friends invited me to play in his film the head of a gang of bikers, she has a gold tooth and she carries a chainsaw on her bike. Though someone saw me in a similar way. This is the role of dreams!

Neither before nor after the “American Pie” and its continuations of particularly prominent roles in the big cinema Coolidge did not have (but her short but spectacular appearances in the series “Friends” and “Sex and the City” are definitely unforgettable).

The actress herself says:

I should stop at the American Pie. It was not necessary to play all these thick-cheeked women.

Another interesting fact about Jennifer: before becoming popular, she worked in a restaurant with Sandra Bullock: Jennifer was a waitress, and Sandra was an administrator. According to Coolidge, she always felt in her colleague the future star.

Edward Furlong (“Terminator”)

For the 40-year-old Fernlong, the image of the “boy from the Terminator” was permanently attached to the actor when he was 14 years old when he starred in a cult franchise, it was his debut role: he just got lucky: the casting director of the project noticed him in a children’s camp and offered to try for the role of John Connor After the release of the film, Edward was invited to participate in other projects: he played in the tape “Before and After” with Meryl Streep and Liam Neeson, in “American History X” with Edward Norton, starred in the video Living On The Edge Aerosmith.) And yet there was no success at the level of “Terminator”, but from chala 2000’s actor in general was filmed in tapes, many of which were released only on DVD.

Many believe that such a rapidly launched career ruined harmful addictions: Ferlong for many years struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. Because of this, his marriage to actress Rachel Bella collapsed. The actor has repeatedly been treated, experienced overdoses, and was repeatedly arrested – including for domestic violence. The first to use force Furlonga accused his former agent Jacqueline Louise Domak: with her Edward began to meet during the filming of “Terminator 2” when he was 14, and she was 26.

A lot of money and a lot of drugs – this anyone can turn into a drug addict,

“Ferlong said in an interview.

Despite everything, the actor sometimes acts in films, albeit in subtle projects.

Mark Hamill (Star Wars)

Luke Skywalker is one of those characters who entered the history of cinema as cult. And yet, many do not even know the name of the actor who starred in Star Wars, because Skywalker’s role is the only truly famous in his career. Mark Hamill acted in only a few television series, until George Lucas invited him to a role in a fantastic saga. Difficulties with roles the actor began to experience right after the release of “Star Wars”: both the producers and the audience saw him only as a choice for Skywalker. But he is not very upset.

People think that it’s bad – when you remember only one role. I do not think so, I did not at all hope that I will be remembered for anything,

– says the 66-year-old actor.

There are a lot of roles in his filmography, but few will remember where Hamill was shot except for “Star Wars”: serials, the voice of cartoons and video games – all this, of course, can not be compared with the success of the famous franchise.

In 2015, the actor again returned to his starring role, having played with the continuation of the space saga

Jennifer Gray (“Dirty Dancing”)
Jennifer Gray played a secondary role, and then she was invited to star in the movie “Dirty Dancing” as a girl named Baby, in love with the hero Patrick Swayze. Although the heroine was 17 years old, and the actress 27, viewers Jennifer really liked. The success of the film in general was grandiose, it is still considered one of the best world bands of the 80’s.

Although the beginning of film career Gray was promising, the role in “Dirty Dancing” remained the best in her biography, the more vivid characters the actress never played. She herself believes that the problem is in the unsuccessful plastic nose that she was made in the early 90’s. The actress decided to surgery, because she considered her nose not too elegant, but, she said, was disappointed with the result.

I went into the operating theater, and I came out as an anonymous … This is hellish plastic. I will always be an actress who once became famous, but now no one will recognize her because of the operation on her nose.

After leaving in 2001 to marry actor Clark Gregg, Jennifer almost completely said goodbye to a career in film. Earlier, by the way, she had novels with Johnny Depp, Matthew Broderick, Liam Neeson, Michael J. Fox.

Recently, it can be seen on the screen only during the broadcast of the show about dances on American and British television. On such programs, the 58-year-old Gray acts both as a participant and as a member of the jury.

Jack Gleeson (“The Game of Thrones”)

Actors of one role can be called a lot of stars of serials (take at least “Friends”, among which only Jennifer Aniston managed to more or less get out of the image). No exception, and the actors of the “Game of Thrones,” most of whom now associate exclusively with their characters, and even Emilia Clarke or Jason Momoa in modern clothes seem strange to us. But the most striking example – the 26-year-old Jack Gleeson, who played in the most popular series of King Jofri.

The filmography of the actor before the “Game of Thrones” is very short, and some of his heroes do not have names (in the credits of the previous films his characters are “boy”, “boy with fish”, even “single twins”). The main role of Gleeson, who starred in movies since childhood, played only in the film “All the good children.” But the real glory came when the creators of the “Game of Thrones” entrusted the Irish actor with the role of Jofri Baratheon – one of the most vivid villains of the series. Jack managed to unbelievable: his hero was genuinely hated by all spectators of the “Game of Thrones.” The actor himself, of course, became a real star. But very soon he declared that he did not need fame and he was not going to withdraw any more. Instead, Gleason is engaged in his own small theater company.

I like this more than shooting in blockbusters … All my life I dreamed of becoming a successful, famous actor. But now something has changed. I still like to act in films, but there are no more sparks, I do not know why,

Said Gleason in an interview. To date, the role in the “Game of Thrones”, indeed, the last in his filmography.

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