Accountant drug Lord in Mexico, made a daring escape from prison

Бухгалтер наркобарона в Мексике совершил дерзкий побег из тюрьмы

Two prisoners escaped from a prison in Northern Sinaloa state in Mexico, disguised in the form of guards. With them now looking for two security guards who, it is supposed, helped prisoners, and fled with them.

This is the BBC.

The two prisoners came through at least six of the guards and quietly left the main gate of the prison in Culiacan. To assume that the missing guards were in collusion with the fugitives, forcing the fact that both got into one car and fled.

In recent prison escapes Mexico became a regularity, however, this escape was resonant, and not because of the audacity of the perfect, but because of the name escaped. This is Carlos, Salman and Julian Grimaldi. They were considered “extremely dangerous” prisoners and were kept in separate chambers was supposed to be protected from shoots. The two prisoners of the fugitive are iconic figures in the drug business, working in the cartel already world famous drug Lord Guzman, nicknamed Shorty. Grimaldi, say, the General accountant of the cartel and closest friend Shorty.

The original Grimaldi and Salman were held in Federal prisons with a stricter regime and a higher level of security, but both were moved to the prison of Aguarico in Culiacan after successfully appealed its contents in Federal correctional facilities.

Grimaldi was arrested in February of this year. Salman was arrested two years ago. He is considered the leader of a group of cartel gunmen, in particular, he is suspected of organizing the attack on a police convoy in 2012 (when he killed seven police officers).

Recall that Mexico has agreed to extradite drug trafficker only after U.S. prosecutors promised that Guzman will not be put to death.

Joaquin Guzman, recall, was arrested in January last year. Prior to that, he managed twice to escape from prison. In the United States and Mexico accusing him of many crimes, mostly related to drug trafficking. In the States is so impressed with the personality of Guzman that making a movie about his life.

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