Above Ground is dangerously low will pass three huge asteroid

Над Землей опасно низко пролетят три огромных астероида

As reported, the diameter of the largest of them is about 30 m.

This weekend three huge asteroid will make a “close flyby” of the Earth, warns NASA.

Asteroids of size up to 30 metres in diameter will pass by our planet one after the other on November 10.

At about 14:03 GMT, the asteroid, dubbed VS1 2018, will pass close to the Earth. It is supposed to be in the range of 13 to 28 meters in diameter. Fortunately, estimates of the trajectory of NASA show that VS1 2018 will be at a distance of about 700 861 miles (1386 000 km) from Earth at the closest point.

Just 16 minutes after the asteroid past our planet will fly by another asteroid, called VR1 2018. According to calculations, the asteroid will be up to a width of 30 meters, but fortunately, will be held at a distance of 3.12 million miles (5.02 million km) from Earth.

Finally, at 18:21 GMT, the asteroid, dubbed 2018 VX1 width of about 17 meters, will pass close to Earth. This asteroid will pass at a distance 037 237 miles (381 400 km) from our planet.

While these distances may seem immense, NASA klassificeret them as “close passes”. The space Agency said: “as soon as they revolve around the Sun, objects can sometimes approach close to the Ground. Please note that “close” astronomically passage may be very far in human terms: millions or even tens of millions of kilometers.”

Previously discovered on the asteroid pyramid caused panic in NASA.

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