About an American who for 6 years has become homeless to get around new York, rented a movie – news ZIK.UA

The engineer from America has decided to temporarily become homeless and live on $15 a day to visit every street in new York. He spent the last six years, and his adventures turned into a documentary.

According to the publication Platform.ma, Matt green new year’s eve of 2011, made a very important decision – to temporarily leave home to study in detail new York and around each and every street. The American was forced to survive on $15 a day and had many adventures, which are recorded online. He was about 13 thousand kilometers, found the oldest tree in the city, kept account of the institutions and pointed out the most economical and studied architecture and made new discoveries in this field, meet new people and continuously looking for the night.

The green experiment has attracted the attention of Director Jeremy Workman that have turned the traveling engineer on the ninety-minute documentary entitled “The World Before Your Feet”. The premiere took place on 21 November in new York, received a special prize in the category Independent Film Festival of Boston and was hit in the main program of a dozen American film festivals.

“When you walk with Matt, you realize how small your knowledge, and surroundings come to life … it’s not that fast to shoot something, post it, forget and move on. The point is to stop and to realize it”, – said the Director Jeremy workman.

However, the adventures of Matt is not over – estimated her husband, he will reach the finish line in mid-2019.

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