A unique spectacle: due to a heavy storm, the waterfall was flowing backwards (VIDEO)

Уникальное зрелище: Из-за сильнейшего шторма водопад стал течь в обратную сторону (ВИДЕО)

In Scotland one of the local waterfalls was forced to flow in the other direction, when the region was hit by storm “Callan”. On a video posted on the Network you can see how the onslaught of the elements, the streams of water were turned back.

The video appeared on Facebook community Love Scotland.

The phenomenon was recorded on the Isle of Skye (West of Scotland).

A small clip has attracted much public attention. Users have been shocked by the force of wind gusts that even the waterfall was forced to turn around in the opposite direction.

Recall that in the Republic of Adygea, local residents noticed that an unknown humanoid spying on the bathers. Being captured on video, today video is rapidly gaining views and even interested scholars.

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