A photo of a huge three-meter muscular bull shocked the Network

Фото громадного трехметрового мускулистого быка шокировало Сеть

Network began to spread photos of a bull, which is just huge muscles. According to many people farmers feed the animal steroids, which actually is not so.

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First, the Internet is all began to wonder at the shape of a bull named Makers. It was after this incident began to show a public interest in the Belgian blue cows in General. The peculiarity of these creatures is genetic mutations, called “double muscle”. Even the explanations of scientists are not persuaded people that the bulls are not fed steroids.

Due to a mutation in animals does not cease to grow muscle mass: cows and bulls is missing one protein, which regulates these processes. Mutation occurs naturally, although some farmers suspect in the special stimulation of mutational processes.

The negative aspects of mutation: the cows are hard to bear offspring and give birth. Often animals Caesarian section. In newborn calves is always the extended language, which they find it difficult to eat at first.

Earlier in Australia found the huge bull on the planet.

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