A. Pavlovsky: “the Revolution of Dignity has not brought the Ukrainians a decent wages and pensions”

А. Павловский: «Революция Достоинства так не принесла украинцам достойных зарплат и пенсий»

Campaign promises of the current presidential candidates of Ukraine, alas, not full of promises to raise salaries and pensions, to reduce excessive tariff pressure and at least a little bit to ensure social welfare of citizens. In General, the “no money but you keep”, how would say notorious political figure. However, some candidates create excessive social expectations of voters, as policy which has warned the acting President. Why after the revolution of Dignity in Ukraine there is no decent salaries and pensions, and there is only the draconian rates, and how to stop this cynical vicious circle, the correspondent of ГолосUA said an expert on social Affairs Andrey Pavlovsky.

– Andriy, how long Ukrainians will press charges?

– People getting impatient too, the Ukrainians are beginning to strike. Recently, people protested against the high tariffs of the CEC. Pensioners complained about the extremely low pensions. The trade Union of education and scientific workers ‘ trade unions have staged protests because of the extremely low wages of social indicators that relate to their industries.

– How to stop this tariff lawlessness, when offset by social standards and people just throw on survival?

– If to speak in strategic terms, the government should reconsider the priorities of development of Ukraine. We all already understood and even polls about it saying that 80% of ordinary Ukrainians believe that Ukraine is moving in the wrong direction. This vector of movement of Ukraine need to change. Then change the pricing and tariff policy. We understand that all social problems derive from economic issues. If the change in economic issues and the government will pay more attention to the creation of new jobs, attraction of new technologies, so that people received more modern, more decent wages, then simply because of this and social issues, and issues with payment of rent, in a natural way, without subsidies, will be solved. That is, if a person works, he ideally, in General, should not receive any social assistance from the state. Man enough will be his salary. For example, in Western countries the way it is.

– What social assistance to the population in countries of the European Union?

In the West there is a kind of social assistance grants such as ours. But working people in European countries is wages for payment of utilities. There are more marginalized, the disadvantaged segments of the population receive assistance from the state, they were not more than 5-7% and in Ukraine every second family – 50% of households receiving subsidies. That is an indicator.

In the current election campaign, the candidates offered the electorate some social good…

– Of course. Please note that they raise topics that are absolutely nothing to do with either economic or with social problems. They go today in the cultural and spiritual questions. It turns out that they “are” religious, linguistic issues that cause emotions to keep people distracted and not thinking, what really affects their lives. We had a Revolution of Dignity, but everyone recognizes that decent wages and pensions in the country. If a poor man, a beggar, what kind of dignity can be discussed. So that people didn’t think the authorities report on the improvement of the economic and social situation in Ukraine is practically not can they pass on such cultural and spiritual issues to distract our attention and that we emotionally reacted and there was no time to think about the problems with our family budget.

To increase the population of a rich country to a miserable state – it’s just a shame…

– All this is not just. In the world there is competition, including between States. And Ukraine on the world, especially in the technology markets as a competitor to useless. Needs Ukraine as a raw material appendage to here was raw material export, and the population need in order to extracted raw materials and served it all.

– Against the backdrop of impoverished population is happy with his million prize “Naftogaz”. Tymoshenko said recently about the need to eliminate it as an unnecessary mediator.

Yes. Liquidation of “Naftogaz” is simply the fulfillment of international obligations of Ukraine. We somehow forget that in the mid 2000-ies the government of Yulia Tymoshenko was signed of the Third European energy package, which called for the elimination of monopolies in the sphere of production, supply and transportation of gas. Separately should be a company that produces gas, a separate company that transportorul it, and separately a company that sells gas to industrial enterprises and population. Superfluous intermediary in this structure is the “Naftogaz”, which itself produces nothing, not transportorul, sell, and just collect the cream. This parasitic formation of no use to anyone. For a start, “Naftogaz” at least had to be divided into three independent structure, if we want to gradually go from monopolies. First you need to fulfill our international obligations, and the same of the Third European energy package, which stipulates the existence of “Naftogaz” itself. It will be within our European integration. For the economy – less monopolies, the better. What is happening now? “Naftogaz of Ukraine” reports about tens of millions of their profits. At the same time, he owed “Ukrtransgaz” last year, 24 billion – the company, which transportorul gas and contains the gas transport network. That is, their profits “Naftogaz” received due to the fact that not calculated with “Ukrgasdobycha” and “Ukrtransgaz”. In the meantime, the Ukrainians keep on inflated gas prices.

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