A military expert explained the uniqueness of the situation around the downed aircraft Il-20 – news ZIK.UA

Військовий експерт пояснив унікальність ситуації довкола збитого літака Іл-20 – новини ZIK.UA

Operation of the Israeli military air force is an example of the use of aircraft in dense air defense. She is also a vivid example of the helplessness of Russia in the air.

This broadcast of information-analytical project “the First about the main thing. Comments” said the editor of the edition “Censor.No” Yury Butusov.

“It is very interesting and instructive, as without the use of massive system radar struggle and radio-electronic jamming managed to strike. Four aircraft, four goals, four bombs, four hits and four defeats. This is a Prime example of how achieved surprise and demonstrated the helplessness of Russia in the air,” says Yury Butusov.

Israel organized intelligence and clearly knew the location of Russian radar, the parameters of their work, organization and tactics of application, the expert is convinced.

“Thanks to this were able to discover the easiest way to achieve the goal. That is, the altitudes, the Israelites reached the goal and with one call they were able to strike and then depart. They knew exactly which route will move,” – said the editor of the edition “Censor.No.”

It was very well prepared for data destruction purposes, the expert said. Perhaps it is organized with the use of ground koryolink, which was sent in advance to.

“Because the aircraft only for 10 minutes disappeared from the area. They are not looking for objects, accurately hit the target,” explains the journalist.

The Israelis basically warned that strike. However, this can be done in different ways, said Yury Butusov.

“You can say where you will fly, and you can simply say: “We will strike”. In addition, you can notify the day, hour or minute. According to the Israelis, they are warned in time. But I think that they have not said where that is going to beat”, – the expert believes.

The organization and tactics of the forces of Russia was not effective, said Yury Butusov.

“They sit there for three years, and still can’t establish cooperation with the Syrian units that are very close to them, and which directs the RF. Besides, these units are equipped with Russian weapons,” says the editor of the edition “Censor.No.”

It is also unclear how it was possible to confuse small F-16 with a cargo IL-20. This is probably just disorganization, tighten Yury Butusov.

“When they came under attack, started shooting in all directions. According to Israel and us forces, the plane was shot down by the Syrians, who were in charge of the Soviet missile complexes” – said the expert.

In fact, Assad’s army is a phantom. It does not exist, the journalist stresses.

“The Assad regime holds on Russian and Iranian hostility. Therefore there is no way to compensate for his army and they opened chaotic fire, not even aware of the situation”, – said Yuri Butusov.

I think like the Russians and the Syrians not possessed an air atmosphere.

“They realized that they were under air attack, and figure out who did it – not yet. Guess they didn’t notice the time of the attack or the moment of the approach and departure of the F-16. So, perhaps, in desperation, someone ordered a shot for Il-20. This happens in poorly-equipped armies with low motivation”, – the expert adds.

We will remind, the plane Il-20 of the Ministry of defense of Russia, on Board of which there were 14 soldiers disappeared over the Mediterranean sea, 35 kilometers off the coast of Syria in the late evening on September 17. Later in mass media there was information that the rockets fired by Syrian forces. Also in the defense Ministry claimed that “Russian aircraft camouflage F-16 fighter jets of Israel.”

Israel responded to the accusations of Russia and said that the plane was shot down by fighters of Assad. This position is defended in the United States.

However, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday, September 19, sent the President of Russia Vladimir Putin a telegram of condolence in connection with the disaster, laying the blame for the incident on Israel.

The next day arrived in Moscow the commander of the Israeli air force AMIK Norkin and gave details of their investigation in Syria shot down a Russian Il-20.

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