A black bear was stuck in the car and moved the Network (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Черный медведь застрял в автомобиле и взволновал Сеть (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

In the US, a black bear was accidentally locked in the car. In the end, the animal escaped into the wild, breaking a window.

About it writes portal 12newsnow.

According to the publication, the owner of the car parked near his house and left. Meanwhile, the door was left open and snuck inside the car bear.

Черный медведь застрял в автомобиле и взволновал Сеть (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

When the woman returned, she didn’t notice the animal and slammed the door. Half an hour later she again came to the car and noticed the fog on the glass and a trail of bear paws. The bear, sensing a threat, worried and pressed on the horn, turned on the alarm and began to rock the car.

Came to the rescue to place the husband tried to open the car door remotely, however, by the time automation was already broken.

In the end, the man unlocked the door manually and jumped, hoping that the animal safely outside. However, bear instead broke the window, barely getting out of it, fled to a neighbor’s kitchen.

Earlier emotional bear fell on the wedding photo.

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