9-year-old boy amused the Queen of great Britain (VIDEO)

9-летний мальчик рассмешил королеву Великобритании (ВИДЕО)

In the UK nine year old boy ran away in a hurry with a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II.

About it reports “Correspondent”.

A curious incident occurred during the Queen’s visit to children’s charitable organization

While exploring the Elizabeth II, the child fell on his knees and began to hide behind my foster parents. Mom and dad of the child, as expected during a meeting with the monarch bowed, but the child was confused.

Reportedly, the man fell on his knees, began to back away, hiding behind parents and actually crawled out of the room. His behavior the boy laugh, even the Queen.

In the presence of the Queen may be lost not only children but also adults.

We will remind, earlier the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may embarrass at the meeting with the Queen.

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