77-year-old Faye Dunaway became the face of a new campaign Gucci

77-year-old Faye Dunaway became the face of a new campaign Gucci
77-year-old Faye Dunaway became the face of a new campaign Gucci
77-year-old actress Faye Dunaway became the face of a new Gucci campaign. Hollywood star and Oscar winner starred in advertising one of the most recognizable bags of the Italian fashion house Silvie. Along with Dunaway, a French actress, singer and former girlfriend Kristen Stewart, Stephanie Sokolinski, better known as Soko, took part in the campaign, which included photos and a short video shot by Petra Collins. The author of the campaign was, of course, the creative director of the brand Alessandro Michele.

The campaign reflects everything that the Gucci brand associates with – prestige, success and a beautiful life. Dunaway and Soko play a mother and daughter leading a luxury lifestyle in Los Angeles. We see heroines on the legendary Rodeo Drive, by the pool of their mansion, surrounded by beautiful statues, playing tennis and, of course, against the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills. In the finals, Fei presents Soko with the coveted Silvie bag.

On the court of the heroine, of course, from head to toe dressed in Gucci. Dunaway appears in a cream lace sports suit with cuffs in the traditional colors of the brand. During shopping, her heroine flies under the palms in a light fluttering dress in the wind with a floral print. Summer mood of the campaign adds a soft honey light, which permeates all video.

The role of a secular lady Hollywood actress was a success – the 77-year-old star looks great. The video is particularly noticeable as she is graceful and elegant – no worse than in her, perhaps, the most starring role in the film “Bonnie and Clyde”, released in 1967.

The purse itself appears in the campaign in different colors, sizes and materials (there is also a crocodile skin) – women of fashion will choose from what!

The Gucci style taught me to be bold again and a little adventurous,

– the actress shared her impressions in an interview with The Telegraph.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Gucci turns to Hollywood divas. In the cruise brand campaign in 2016, Vanessa Redgrave, who at that time was 79 years old, starred. Age models in general are now very popular in the industry. Brands are now willingly cooperating with 88-year-old Tippi Hadren (she, too, incidentally, starred in a commercial for the Gucci jewelry line), and with May Mask, who at the age of 69 became the face of a cosmetic brand. Are gaining popularity and Instragram-channels, which are led by mature women.

32-year-old Soko is also not a random person in the campaign – the last few years the Frenchwoman is a muse Alessandro Michele.

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