74-year-old Michael Douglas received a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood (PHOTO)

74-летний Майкл Дуглас получил звезду на Аллее славы в Голливуде (ФОТО)

On Tuesday, November 6, on the walk of fame in Hollywood has a new solo star. Honor was awarded to 74-year-old actor and producer Michael Douglas. For many, including the famous actress Jane Fonda, it was a surprise — was fully confident that someone who, as Michael Douglas has long been a star got!

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At the ceremony the actor arrived with his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, his son from his first marriage, Cameron, and father, 101-year-old Hollywood veteran kirk Douglas. Michael was clearly touched. Addressing the audience, he said: “after a month my father turns 102 years. For me it is very important that you are here with us today. I will say simply and from the heart — I am proud to be your son!” Then Michael leaned over and kissed Kirk, sitting in a wheelchair.

74-летний Майкл Дуглас получил звезду на Аллее славы в Голливуде (ФОТО)

49-year-old Catherine lovingly looked at her husband and father-in-law. Zeta-Jones wore a dress from Dolce & Gabbana worth 2 011$.

80-year-old Jane Fonda recalled that was playing with Michael 40 years ago in the movie “the China syndrome”. “When I asked myself why he took so long to appear here, on the walk of fame, the answer ate immediately. Now I know why — Michael Douglas ahead of his time! And I want to say that we are United not only by joint work and our profession. He and I are representatives of families which the press calls the Hollywood aristocracy. Kirk Douglas and my father, Henry Fonda — legendary actors. Thanks to God, Michael’s father is alive today and is with us. But I don’t want to emphasize. To become the successor of the family business is always very difficult. There is a great risk that you will fail. You will inevitably be compared with his father or mother. Take trump or Corleone,” said Jane Fonda. The last words of the actress caused a laughter.

Previously Michael Douglas was at the center of a sex scandal.

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