27 years in the sky: In Georgia, the cranes took off from the balcony “parked” Zhiguli – news ZIK.UA

In Tbilisi from the balcony of Khrushchev has removed the new Lada, which was parked 27 years ago.

This writes the engine.

It is known that the first night after buying the Lada with his shot tyres. The owner was so upset that I decided not to Park the car in the yard and came up with car much more interesting place. With the help of a crane he raised the car on the balcony of his apartment, where it stood for 27 years.

Only recently the relatives of the deceased a year and a half ago, the owner of the Lada decided to pull the car “down to earth”.

Interestingly, the car is not rusty and looks quite presentable.

Lada will likely put up for sale, and wishing there’s a lot to buy a classic in good condition and even with almost zero mileage.

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