2018 world Cup: Brazilian journalist rebuffed loving fans (VIDEO)

ЧМ-2018: Бразильская журналистка дала отпор любвеобильному болельщику (ВИДЕО)

Brazilian journalist Julia Guimaraes (Julia Guimarães) dodged the Russian kiss fan and read him the riot act about respect for women.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

A reporter for TV Globo and SporTV Guimaraes wrote the story before the match between Japan and Senegal, which took place in Ekaterinburg on June 25. When the girl was in the shot, I ran to her one of the football fans. The man tried to kiss a girl on the cheek.

However, Guimaraes managed to Dodge the feelings of a fan. After the failure he ran. After the girl had read him the riot act about respect for women. “Don’t do that. Never do it again, okay?” she said. “Sorry, sorry, okay,” — said the shamed fan.

The journalist continued his tirade, stating that it did not allow passer to behave in a similar way. “It’s rude. This is wrong,” she said. An impromptu lecture on the rules of etiquette, she made a call to respect.

Later, the reporter said that this is the second attack of a fan, which she is experiencing during a trip to Russia for coverage of the world Cup. In comments to Brazilian publication Globo, Guimaras complained that he feels helpless and vulnerable, and doesn’t understand why men feel entitled to this behavior.

Previously a sports reporter for the channel Deutsche Welle Juliette Gonzalez Teran became a victim of such displays of affection in Moscow. Despite harassment during the live broadcast, the girl continued to report.

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