19-year-old high a resident of Brazil has a height of 220 cm and continues to grow (PHOTOS)

19-летний высокий житель Бразилии имеет рост 220 см и продолжает расти (ФОТО)

19-year-old resident of the Brazilian city Ipiau Rodrigo Santos Motta has grown up to 2 metres 20 cm and the doctors say he continues to grow. Too high growth brings Rodrigo’s trouble.

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When he was 17 and he was in school, his growth was 218 cm and he just could not fit in a standard pair. Besides classmates teased him and bullied, so until the end of the study, Rodrigo could not wait and left the school. But even buying clothes and shoes turns to him in torture.

The whole family Rodrigo short people and nobody knows “in whom he was born”. Rodrigo Santos Motta with his family “the Most difficult thing for me is to find clothes for my height, but I have also big problems with the bed. The bed in my growth just isn’t there and so I have to sleep on the floor,” says guy.

19-летний высокий житель Бразилии имеет рост 220 см и продолжает расти (ФОТО)

Physicians allowed to detect the anomaly with production of growth hormones, but the doctors still don’t know what caused it and how to treat it. According to Rodrigo, the anomaly with the growth he had about 12 years (with early puberty). From that age he suddenly pulled up and soon surpassed his peers.

Doctors recommend Rodrigo every week to attend the inspection, but until the exact cause of his anomaly was not detected. While Rodrigo continues to grow. “He said that soon he will be even higher,” says cousin Rodrigo.

Meanwhile, the growth of the inhabitant of UK Sophie of Hollins included in the “Guinness Book of records”: in its 12 years, he is 189 cm

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