17-year-old student with psoriasis was killed on the day of birth: was found dead under the wall of the house

17-летний школьник с псориазом погиб в день рождения: нашли мертвым под стеной дома

The student was found dead on the day of his birth in the South of Moscow (Russia).

It is reported by MK.ru.

The student was very worried because of his illness, which spoil its appearance and, presumably, on the eve of the tragedy he put the disease as a reproach.

According to journalists, the 17-year-old George (name changed) was brought up in a large family (he is survived by three sisters). He studied in 11th class and were engaged in handball.

The teenager was a good relationship, but one problem spoiled his life. Teenager childhood suffered with psoriasis terribly from complexes because of their appearance. In the moments of exacerbation of the disease almost his whole body was covered with painful crust. November 30, his birthday, George, as usual in the morning went to school after school went home.

At lunchtime, the student communicated with her sisters and parents, and none of them noticed anything unusual. On the contrary, the young man planned to go to the gym, go to work for the sister where she made him a gift, to spend the evening in the family circle, and the next day to celebrate the holiday with friends. After training George came home, left the portfolio with handball and form quickly departed from the apartment. The household is not at all alarmed, because they thought that the teenager wants to go for a gift, however, as it turned out, the teenager did not go to his sister.

As militiamen established, the student went into one of the houses in the nearby area and climbed to the 10th floor. Later he was found dead under the Windows. At present militiamen carry out on the given fact check. Native assume that the training George someone had something to say about its appearance. It is known that last year, the man was stopped by a handball, but after a long pause he returned to the field.

Earlier in the river was found hanged 11-year-old schoolboy.

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