16-year-old son, johnny, Depp was seriously sick media

16-летний сын Джонни Деппа оказался серьезно болен – СМИ

The son of actor johnny Depp and actress / singer Vanessa Paradis Jack is seriously ill.

About it reports “Interfax”.co.uk.

About the illness of 16-year-old became known after his mother missed the premiere of the film “Knife in the heart” in France, where it plays a major role.

According to the Director of the film John Gonzalez, Jack’s parents received a “very bad news” associated with the son.

“Unfortunately, Vanessa Paradis today are unable to join us. She had to miss the premiere because of the serious health problems of her son,” explained the filmmaker.

What a sick child, not specified.

Earlier in June it became known that johnny Depp spent his millions and was broke.

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