13-year-old Ukrainian athlete will play in the men’s championship (VIDEO)

13-летняя украинская спортсменка будет играть в мужском чемпионате (ВИДЕО)

13-year-old Ukrainian Polina Lubenets won the right to play in the men’s championship. The hockey Federation has allowed the exception, as she showed one of the best results in their age category.

About it reports TSN.

Pauline expresses excitement as worries that the boys can play in law enforcement which may lead to injuries. However, on the other hand, the girl realizes that there is a team that always can support.

Mother of the sportswoman Tatyana Lubenets says that hockey’s daughter got thanks to a joke my father: “the Man joked: “if you Wish to try yourself in hockey.” We are treated as something skeptical. She went, she tried – and she loved it”.

Training is held five times a week, she didn’t miss them, even in bad weather. The players admit that they belong to tan very well. “She is my best friend on the team. Very well worth it! She helps me so, I there’s something not catching – it supports” – said the goalkeeper Timothy Lariontsev.

When the team got to the championship of Ukraine, it became clear that Pauline was not entitled to play. Because girls are allowed only in the women’s teams and only 15 years old.

To solve this problem, the coach turned to hockey and was persuaded to try it. “When I saw that girl takes better boys tests, they say, a girl We’ve ever seen!”, – says Vladimir Voloshin. This young female hockey player is not going to stop.

Earlier, the NHL hockey player used his head to reflect the goals.

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